West Tararua Timebank - meeting each other's needs

The Timebank has been renamed: we were the Otaki TImebank, now we are the West Tararua Timebank.
You can continue to trade with people just in Otaki, or you can trade with people further afield.

Choose Otaki from the Neighbourhood menu to see Otaki offers and requests.


Once you have joined and been approved and activated, you can LOG IN.
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How to join

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Tell us the names of two referees and their phone numbers (preferably landlines). We talk to referees before we activate your membership.
    A referee can be a person you have known for at least three years who has counted on you in the past. Only one referee may be a family member.
  3. Pay the $10 annual sub to Otaki Timebank 38 9009 0883779 00 with your name as a reference (or send a cheque). The sooner you pay this the sooner we can activate your account and you can get trading. We use this to cover our 'hard' costs.

The West Tararua Timebank is a community of people who support each other by trading hours of service. Otaki has its own neighbourhood within the West Tararua Timebank. Other neighbourhoods include Kapiti, Te Horo, Manakau, Levin and north.

One hour of time spent helping someone is recorded, and everyone's hour is equal. Help someone else and then you can be helped. It is that simple, yet it has profound effects. It is like a babysitting circle, but with every service covered and an inbuilt social security system in its structure.
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Reweaving community

When a timebank is working, people notice more links in a community develop – links between people who would not normally have met. A timebank brings out the best in people. Because time is counted, it makes it easy to ask for help.

We have our own Community Chest

If you have time credits which you don't want you can donate them to the Community Trust. Then they can be used to help someone who is very sick or frail or elderly.

Core values of a timebank

  1. We are all assets. Every human being has something to contribute
  2. Redefining work. Work which raises healthy children, builds strong families, makes democracy work needs to be honoured, recorded and rewarded.
  3. Reciprocity. Helping works better as a two-way street.
  4. Social networks. We need each other. Community is built on sinking roots, building trust.
  5. Respect. Respect demands accountability

Our Timebank logo

Our new logo has been kindly created for us by PHDGraphics.