Questions about Timebanking

What if I don’t have any time credits?

Keep on trading! Timebanking is not about balancing the books. It is about trading skills in the community and reciprocity. For the system to work properly everyone will move in and out of balance at different times.

How is Timebanking different?

  • Because everyone’s time is equal.
  • It is not a charity — everyone contributes.
  • Skills that are often taken for granted are valued?— especially non-market economy skills — like basic home help and caring, friendliness, listening, giving people a ride, helping with shopping.

What does it cost?

$10 per year.

To cover the Timebank’s hard costs we need members to pay $10.

This can be paid directly into our bank account: Otaki Timebank 38 9009 0883779 00 with your name as a reference. Or send a cheque to our treasurer, Viv Klassen, 7 Dodds Cr, Otaki Beach.