Minutes of the Otaki Timebank AGM 8 May 2011



Chris Butler, Diana Bradshaw, Lyndsay Knowles, Ben McHugo, Deirdre Kent Jonathan and Gill Shorer, Belinda McLean, Sharon and Ian Hurst, Kevin Wilson, Marie Bayly, Paul Devereux, Lu Reid, Mary Watson, Rob and Birgit Moffatt. Harry Watson, Christabel Jackson, Joy Svendsen, Robyn Mourie, Li Galloway, Miriam Richardson, Haille Denniston, Fr Peter Healey, Anita Schumann and her husband.


Brenda and Kimbal McHugo, Jamie Bull, Kylie Morete. Miriam for lateness.

The Chairman’s report

The Chairman’s report for 2010 was read out and Ben presented his report for 2011.

Adopted Ben/Diana

Minutes of the meeting for 2010

Deirdre had omitted to bring them, so the four that were there last time recalled what happened. Agreed that Deirdre should put them on the website.

Financial report for 2011

Viv presented the accounts.

Expenditure was $2359.10 and Income was $2335.

We have $747.50 in Kiwibank.

The statement was accepted. Ben/Deirdre

General Business


There was a discussion on software. Two software packages are in the process of being written, the one in Kaitaia is in operation for their timebank while Josh Vial has written one with others for another website trading services. Lyttelton has been concerned that Community Weaver may fold due to financial troubles. Miriam thought it unlikely since so many timebanks depended on it. We pay according to the number of members and last year paid $80. Harry Watson said he had a friend in Canada who might write some, Paul Devereux had a brother in law who might do it. Miriam said it needs a team of people working on it so that the voluntary nature of this is maintained or someone may stop when it is half done. Deirdre said the problem had been that Lyttelton had not managed to obtain funding from the Tindall Foundation for supporting new timebanks round New Zealand, then had been hampered by two earthquakes so nobody was acting as an umbrella group. Lyttelton’s coordinator had resigned.

Election of Officers

Chair: Ben McHugo (Deirdre/Belinda)

Secretary: Abigail Sheridan de Graf (Robyn/Deirdre)

Treasurer: Viv Klassen ((Deirdre/Lyndsay)

Committee: Robyn Mourie (Ben/Deirdre Miriam Richardson (Ben/Deirdre) Sharon Hurst (Deirdre, Belinda) Marie Bayly: (Kevin/Marie) Jonathan Shorer: (Ben/Marie)